At our core we're paddlers, we believe in a simple ethos, More People, More Paddling, More Often. 

This ethos drives us in providing top quality, professional coaching and guiding to individuals, families and groups, whilst also promoting environmental sustainability.

If you are completely new to paddling, want to improve your paddling skills, gain formal qualifications or enjoy a memorable guided trip, we at CAG Adventures will work with you to design the perfect product to meet your needs. 

That's not all, we're part of something bigger.

We feel so strongly about getting More People, More Paddling, More Often that we are part of the PaddleMore Family and we work with a number of companies that share our passion, mainly Hōu Canoes, Hōu Canoes Experience and NRS Europe.

Grant Dolier

Coach/Guide & Owner

Grant started paddling over fifteen years ago on the west coast of Scotland. Since then he has explored more of Scotland than most people could imagine. His experiences in the UK and working overseas in the Ardèche, coupled with his extensive knowledge of paddlesports, make him a highly sought after coach and guide. Grant is backed by Hōu Canoes, is involved with Scottish Canoe Association as part of the Environmental and Access Team and supports Scouts Scotland with paddlesports provision across Scotland.

Ellie Phillips


Ellie as Grant's long suffering wife is the control hub of CAG Adventures, not only does she guide and coach for us but she also answers emails and the phone, makes lunches and puts up with smelly paddlers and thier kit in her house.

Moose starting his paddling life on the ponds and rivers in the south east of England. He has slowly worked his way north and has spent the last few years working his way through all things Scottish. As well as being a very experienced and knowledgeable coach and guide across Scotland and the rest of the UK, he spent a summer in Norway and a month in Nepal; apparently they weren’t bad.

Kenny Noble

Bushcraft Extraordinaire & Guide

Kenny first got in a boat as a sea cadet at age 10, he then went off to sail the high seas in the Royal Navy, before going on to chase wolves with brushes in Colorado. He soon realised that his true skills were as a paddlesports coach and bushcraft specialist. His passion for living and working in the outdoors has taken him around the world including leading wilderness journeys throughout the UK and on the mighty Yukon.


Team Dog

Gigha is Grant's 4yr old Working Cocker Spaniel that truly steals the show. 

She's a big fan of paddleboarding and open boating and loves catching bubbles when on the water. 

Our Coaching Philosophy

Is to Inspire, Share, Develop, Promote and Preserve individuals, communities and places in getting to know and improving themselves through paddlesports and the natural world.

Putting them at the centre of the learning, we want to create an environment where the learner feels safe, both physically and emotionally. To achieve this the most appropriate equipment, environment, places and people are used to support the learner.