White Water Kayak



Coaching Courses

Why not experience the thrill of the river?

White water kayaking is full of adrenaline and adventure, a lot of people think that all you need are good skills, but more often it's a head game. On all of our courses we'll work not only on your technical and tactical skills but also your mindset and confidence. 

Lesson Options

1 Day Course

Our coaching days are perfect for those who are new to paddlesports or those wishing to top up their skills.

We'll work with you to tailor the day to your needs ensuring you get the most out of the day.

2 Day Course

The perfect weekend to take your skills to the next level. 

Regardless of how much time you've had in a boat these two day courses are perfect for those who want to really develop and get the most out of their boating.

Ultimate Experience (5 days)

Some people say that it takes 10,000 paddle strokes to master a skill...

During our 5 day course you'll not only take many strokes, they'll be in varied locations giving you a much better appreciation of how to move your boat in whichever environment you chose.

Pricing / person

£100 / 1 Day Course

£200 / 2 Day Course

£450/ Ultimate Experience (5 days)

Private Coaching POR

Enviromental Options 

Sheltered Water - Ungraded slow moving rivers and open water.

Moderate Water - Grade 2(3) rivers.

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