Hire, Outfitting & Shuttle



Hire, Outfitting & Shuttles

For those who want something more bespoke

We want to make your adventure the best it can be!

We know that not everyone wants the off the shelf option which is why we offer our hire options.

Our hire, outfitting & shuttle options are perfect for those that have the skills and just need some local knowledge.

Expeditions & Wilderness Journery  Options

Hire a Guide

Our team are expedition specialists with hundreds of thousands of miles under our hulls, both through guiding and for fun. All this time on expeditions means that not only do we know our scheduled trips really well but there isn't much of Scotland we don't know.

If you have a trip in mind in Scotland, but don't want to have to think about logistics and want to push the responsibilty of safety onto someone else then this is a great option for you.

Price / day

£250  / Guide 

Guides work on a ratio of 1:5 with maximum group size of 10

Expedition Equipment Outfitting

We know that travelling with boats and paddling equipment can be a logistical nightmare, in order to make your adventure to Scotland a bit easier we offer equipment outfitting, we are able to supply boats, paddles, PFDs and everything else you might need to come on a wilderness expedition in our amazing country.

Minimum hire 2days 

Price / day

£50  / Canoe, including paddles 

Canoes come set up for either solo or tandem paddling

£10 / PFD

£10 / dry barrel

£5 / canoe pole or rafting spar

Tents, sleeping bags, cooking kit / POR


We all know big trips are great fun but having to work out how to get back to the cars once you're done can often mean you need to build in a extra day to your trip which can just be faff, or you need to take extra cars which isn't great for the planet.

We offer a shuttle service with a full size trailer and a bus which means that when you get to the end of your trip, we can meet you load up your kit and get you back to the cars nice and easy.

Price / day

We like to keep things simple, we charge a day rate for our team member to drive you for the day plus miles driven.

Our base rate for driver and miles is  £100  / Day plus 0.55p per mile, we start the clock from our base, so get in touch to get an accurate price!

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