Paddle Safer

In our opinion one of the most important courses you can ever do.

The Paddle Safer course is designed for anyone new to paddling, or relatively inexperienced to paddling, wanting to gain knowledge and raise their awareness of paddling safely in a sheltered water environment, in or on the craft that they paddle. Typical craft would include kayaks, canoes, stand up paddleboards, sit on tops and inflatables.

The course is based on learning, the ethos of ‘supporting the paddler’ is the main focus of the course, encouraging individuals to consider where they paddle, the equipment they use, as well as providing practical solutions if they get into difficulty.

The course is suitable for all ages and great for individuals, families and groups wanting to expand their safety practices when on the water. The course covers equipment, environmental factors, planning and rescues.

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Foundation Safety and Rescue 

In our opinion one of the most important courses you can ever do.

As the name suggests, the Foundation Safety and Rescue course gives you the basic tools for solving problems when on the water.

During the course we'll explore the techniques and tactics we can deploy to help ourselves and others when things go a wee bit wrong.

This award is perfect for everyone regardless of the craft that they like to paddle.

The course only takes a day, but we offer a two day option with the second day at a 50% discount. By adding a second day to this course we have the opportunity to delve deeper into the content giving more time for quality learning.

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White Water Safety and Rescue

Do you plan on paddling on white water? This is the course for you!

This course gives you the base level of skills you'll need to keep yourself and others safe in a canoe or kayak in up to grade 3 white water. 

During the course we'll spend a day focusing on safe paddling tactics to help prevent the need for rescue, we'll then explore the techniques required to perform effective rescues if needed.

The course takes two days, there must be four people to make the course happen and we can take a maximum of six.

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Water Safety Management 

Royal Lifesaveing Society National Water Safety Management Programme

The NWSMP is a suite of interlinked training awards, specifically designed to assist those organisations with employees who work in, on or near water, to meet their civil and statutory safety management obligations (especially where employees have supervisory responsibilities).

It is endorsed by the Health and Safety Executive for its sensible, proportionate, reasonable and balanced advice to both those responsible for groups around the water margin, or workers operating in, on or near water and in particular, managing the risk from operating around the water margin.


£200 / Person 

Custom Pricing for Private Course 

Module Options 

- General Water Safety Awareness 
- Managing safety near river environments 
- Managing safety on beach environments 
- Managing safety near still water environments 
- In-Water Rescue